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My first Boston Terrier was given to me about 30 years ago.  Having had dogs all of my life, I quickly fell in love with this breed.  I found them to be gentle, loving, intelligent, and easy to train with great temperments.  They are very playful and always looking for love, attention and acceptance from their owner.  The Boston Terrier is loyal and loves people, especially children.  After several years, I decided to breed my little "Cody".  From this time forward, we have loved having the babies around. Currently, we have three Bostons Terriers in the house.  Here at HICKORY HAVEN BOSTONS, we raise the puppies in my home, so they are well adjusted to family life when they go home with their new owners.  We breed with great attention given to the quality of the puppies to ensure good health and easy going personalities.  All puppies are raised with love, so that your family will have a pet that will bring great joy to your home.

We want all our Bostons to go to a forever home.  Please make sure you have the TIME and can meet the expenses of being a RESPONSIBLE pet owner.  It is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT!

Bostons, typically have small litters, usually 4 to 7 babies, sometimes less.  Circumstances arise where the momma does not get pregnant, or has only 1 or two pups.  All our puppies are wormed every two weeks, have their dew claws removed and are tested for JHC (Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts)  A early onset clouding of the eye due to a break down of eye tissue, resulting in vision loss, and can cause total blindness.  They are also tested for DM (Dengenerative Myelophy) A degenerative disease of the spinal cord that can progress rapidly causing weakness in the hind limbs, leading to paraplegia.  All puppies have age appropriate vaccines, vet visits, and started on NuVet Vitamins as well, to ensure you have a happy, healthy puppy. Thank You to all our past puppy parents and our future ones.

All puppies are AKC registered and will be sold with Limited Registration, with a spay and neuter contract.  Puppies start at $1,700.00 LIMITED REGISTRATION  Your puppy has been started on NU VET vitamins and you can pre-order through our NU VET VITAMIN PAGE.  Ask about the extension of our Health Guarantee when you continue with the Nu Vet vitamins.

Jubilee and Oliver- Litter arrived Nov. 6, 2020. Five girls, two boys.  This litter is SOLD.

Nicki and Cash- Litter arrived Dec. 15, 2020.  Three boys and one girl,  This litter is SOLD.

Reba and Cash-  Expected Due date...Jan. 21, 2021.



 The PUPPY    APPLICATION  has been  removed as right now our Wait list is extensive, and this litter is SOLD!  It will be added back to the website when more litters are available. Please be sure to read all policies and contracts!


Dino is a beautiful perfectly marked Red and White.  He has a full collar, and a perfect blaze with a haggerty dot.  White stockings in the front and socks in the back.  He is SOLD to the Caffey Family of Cullman, AL.


Daryl is a solid deep black and white.  He has a wide blaze, that narrows at the top of his head and a full collar.  He has white stockings in the front and white toes in the back.  He is SOLD to Scott Tallent of Chattanooga, TN.


Dexter is also a perfectly marked black and white, and the largest of the litter.  He has a nice even blaze that narrows at the top of his head with a haggerty dot.  He has white stockings in the front and socks in the back.  He is making Hickory Haven Bostons his home!  SOLD

Bindi is a beautiful black and white with just a touch of brindle.  She has a wide blaze going over the top of her head, a broken collar, white stockings in front and white toes in the back.  She is sold to Melissa Stone and Family of Nashville, TN.  Bindi is going to be the new little sister to Chachi, born here at Hickory Haven Bostons.  You can follow Chachi Boston on Facebook and Instagram!



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