"Lined in Cash, Harper "

Born June 28, 2021

Dam:   Haven's Joyful Jubilee
Sire:  Haven's Johnny Cash   

Harper 1.jpg
Harper 2_edited.jpg
Harper  is the daughter of Jubilee and our late Johnny Cash.  She is a beautiful rich chocolate brown color.  Excited to see what she will produce.  DM and JHC clear.

"Haven's Precious Jewell"

Born  Feb. 13, 2019

Dam:    Jamocha-licious, JHB
Sire:     Psycho Mama's Boy Norman, JHB

Jewell is a beautifully marked traditional Boston.  JHC CLEAR.  
She has produced a couple of litters!

"Sophie's Miss Congeniality HHB"

Born Sept. 5, 2018

Dam:  Haven's Lady Sophia
Sire:  Coach Baby Boy Adonis Creed, JHB

NIKKI is a daughter of our Sophie and is  beautiful black and white.  She has just had two beautiful puppies.  We will be rehoming Nikki after the pups are weaned.  She is already spayed and will be available the end of July.
Nikki, Sophies daughter.jpg

"Molly's Bossy Lady"

Born   Oct. 18, 2019

Dam:    Haven's She's the Boss
Sire:     Psycho Mama's Boy   Norman Bates   JHB

Reba 1_edited.jpg
Reba 2_edited.jpg
REBA is a beautiful reverse brindle.  Her sire is our friend's Norman.  She is a full sister to UNO,  that will be standing stud here at HHB!

"Jubilee's Twisted Sister"

Born Nov. 6, 2020

Dam:    Haven's Joyful Jubilee
Sire:     Haven's Oliver Twist

Carrie 1.jpg
Carrie 2_edited_edited.jpg
CARRIE is a beautiful reverse brindle.  Her sire is our very own Oliver, born and raised here at HHB.  Looking forward to her first litter on Apr. 11/2022.  She is bred to our friends Norman, owned by Angela Kaye.  Thank you Angela for allowing us to use your beautiful boy!


"Haven's Saving Grace"

Born Jan. 8, 2021

Dam:    Haven's Miss Mia
Sire:     Bewitched Waylon Jennings America,                        owned by Rhonda Ladner

Gracie is the last baby of our Mia.  She is a beautiful black and white with some brindle.  We will be breeding her this fall.

gracie 3.jpg
gracie 1_edited.jpg
gracie 2_edited.jpg

"Haven's Bossy Diva"

Born Aug. 20,2021

Dam:  Haven's Little Red Rose (Flo)
Sire:   Big Boss Whiskers

Diva 1 (2)_edited.jpg
Diva 2_edited.jpg
Diva is a beautiful black masked dark fawn.  She is the granddaughter of one of our original dogs Flo.  Will be ready to breed this fall.


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