Cooper 11/06/2020

Flew home to Brooklyn, New York to live with the Persov Family

Charlie 11/06/2020,

now Lingo gone the Hermitage, TN to live with Eran.

Carly 11/06/2020

Headed to snow county with the Paullis Family of Chicago, IL

Cassie 11/06/2020

Now Penny, has gone to live with Robert Heulsen of Athens , TN

Carrie 11/06/2020 is staying with us at Hickory Haven Bostons to be added to our future breeding program!

Cindy 11/06/2020

now Bella

is going to live with the Daigle family of Woodlawn, TN

Cookie 11/06/2020,

now Daisy Kate has gone to live with the Keller Family in Chattanooga, TN

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