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Here is a sneak peek at our newest pack member.  So excited to see his future offspring!

 "Haven's Oliver Twist"

                             Born July 10, 2017


Dam:  Haven's Jessabelle
Sire:  Big Boss Wiskers


Oliver, our beautiful fawn, is now breeding and had his first litter of puppies with our Jubilee, born on July 15, 2019!  He has produced several litters for us!

 "Haven's Marshall Dillon"

toby d.jpg
Born Aug. 16, 2019

Dam:  Haven's Miss Mia
Sire:  Cahill US Marshall  

toby a.jpg

Toby comes from a long line of Champions.  Clear for JHC and DM.  We are looking forward to some beautiful championed lined babies.  He has sired several beautiful litters, and we were not disappointed! 

 "Uno Haven's Bossman"

Born Oct. 18, 2019

Dam:  Haven's She's the Boss
Sire:  Psycho Mama's Boy Norman, JHB 

Uno aa_edited_edited.jpg
uno 1_edited.jpg

Uno is a very nice reverse brindle. . .  His sire is owned by our very good friend Anglea K. Sims.   Clear for JHC and DM.   We are excited to see some beautiful puppies.  He is a full brother to Reba.  She has the same unique coloring. 

 "Dillon's Maverick"

Born May 4, 2022

Dam:  Molly's Bossy Lady (Reba) HHB
Sire:  Haven's Marshall Dillon (T0by) HHB 

maverick b_edited.jpg
maverick c_edited.jpg
maverick a_edited.jpg

Maverick is a very nice black and white traditional boston, with just a touch of brindle.  He is the son of our own Reba and Toby.  Looking forward to seeing what this pretty boy will produce!

 "Haven's Beaumont"

Born Feb. 14, 2022

Dam:  Rhondana's Panda Sweet Bear
Sire:  Arcadian and Rhondana's Secret Agent   

beau h_edited.jpg
Beau 2_edited.jpg

"Blue" ...


Our original boy, was Blue and  White, weighing 22lbs.  He was a special part of our family and produced many great puppies.  We miss you Blue!


Oct.14, 2015.



He is a Black and White Male,  weighing 22 lbs.  He is  retired and has a forever home with his Mom Leah and Dad Ross.

Johnny Cash 1_edited.jpg

"Haven's Johnny Cash" ...


Cash was born May 3o, 2019.  We brought Cash here from Texas and watched him grow up to a handsome fellow.  He passed away early 2022.

RIP Cash!

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