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Parker Sold.jpg
Parker d.jpg

Parker. born July 14, 2023 is going to live with Dr. & Molly Chacko and Family of Brentwood, TN.  Second puppy from us!

Chris' puppy.jpg
Petey a.jpg

Petey. born July 14, 2023 going home with Chris and family to Baton Rouge, LA

Joey and Michelle with Ziggy_edited.jpg

Rosie, born Dec. 9th, 2023, now ZIGGY is going to live with Joey and Michelle Shaver of Estill Springs, TN.  

Rosie d_edited.jpg
Rita a_edited.jpg
Cathy Dent Rita_edited.jpg

Rita, born Dec. 9th, 2023, is going to live with Cathy Dent of Hendersonville, Tn 

Ruby c_edited.jpg
Ruby with Debra and hubby_edited.jpg

Ruby, born Dec. 9th, 2023 is going to live with Debra Higgins and Hubby of Athens, AL.  

Toivo going home_edited.jpg
Riley a_edited.jpg

Toivo, born Dec. 9th, 2023 is going to live with David Thoe, of Knoxville, TN.  

Garland Stone and Rico.jpg
Rico a.jpg

Rico, born Dec. 9th, 2023 is going to live with Garland and Melissa Stone, of Sprinfield, TN.  He is the new little brother of Chachi and Bindi.  you can follow all their antics on instagram!

Chiachi Bindi and Rico.jpg
Debra Webb with June_edited.jpg
Autumn Rose_edited.jpg

Autumn Rose will be going home to live with Debra Webb and family of Cleveland, TN.  She will be a little sister to June, a Lily Rose/Maverick puppy!

Rufus 3.jpg
Tammy and Pete Lackey_edited.jpg

Rufus will be going home to live with Tammy Lackey and Family of Paris, TN

Sammi 2_edited.jpg


Sammie Emily & Steven Haas of Smithville.jpeg

Sammi is going home to live with Emily and Steven Haas of Smithville, TN

Henri 2_edited_edited.jpg
Mike Urchin with Henry_edited.jpg


Henry is going home to live with  Mike Urchin and Family of Nashville, TN.  He has a Pug brother waiting for him!

Sport 2_edited.jpg
Kim Bishop with Sport_edited.jpg


Kim Bishop picking up Sport.  Taking him home to Fulton, MS to surprise her Dad!

Chris Tomlin and Matilda_edited.jpg

Chris Tomlin and Hubby brought by 18 month old Matilda for a visit. A Oliver/Diva baby.

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